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Pro-Web Overview

Our Pro-web package is recommended for businesses and organizations who desire a professional web presence, you get an affordable but high quality website to showcase your products and services for N50k only!

With our Standard Package you get the following:

  1. Domain Name and Hosting  e.g. www.yourcompanyname.com plus unlimited personalized email addresses e.g. you@yourcompanyname.com, info@yourcompanyname.com, etc
  2. Professional Website based on our customizable template designs:  unlimited pages  e.g. About Us, Services, Management, Contact Us, News etc
  3. Customizable Feedback form: Receive enquiries from your website
  4. Publish News, Announcements and Articles on your website’s integrated Blog: Announce new products and services, Press statements, Job openings and more.
  5. Homepage Slideshow header: Dynamic homepage header that displays up to 5 different graphic headers in a sequence
  6. Portfolio /Photo-gallery: Use this to display a catalogue of your products, recent projects, past events. Display Pictures or Videos and categorize into different ‘albums’.
  7. Testimonials: Display a sequence of testimonial quotes on your web page from your happy customers

Our Pro-Web package is ideal for most organizations, but if you require additional functionalities not listed above please REQUEST A QUOTE
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